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Place your business in South Africa’s funeral hub, linking to your own website, boosting your Google ranking. If you don’t have a website, it’s okay, you don’t need one.  Your listing on Funeral Guide is your own web-page (controlled and updated by you).  We welcome all reputable funeral businesses to participate in Funeral Guide’s directory.  There are two options available:


1. Directory Listing   –  R800 to have your own page on Funeral Guide

2. Banner   –  Request a quote (below)



How To List your business in Funeral Guide’s directory:

1.  Register

2.  You will receive a welcome note via e-mail, the first link on the welcome note enables you to update your billing details

3.  Open the second link on the welcome note to add your listing to Funeral Guide’s directory (not published yet)

4.  You will receive an invoice via e-mail providing you with payment instructions (payment via EFT).

5.  When we receive your payment (or proof of payment), we will activate your page.  This means it is published at the top of your category in Funeral Guide’s directory and you can edit your listing at any time.



How to get a Banner Ad:

Businesses only qualify for a banner ad if they have a listing in the directory.  If you want a banner ad and don’t have a listing yet, it is fine to request a quote and pay for both listing and banner Ad at the same time.  We will mail you a link to order a banner ad with your quote.  Once we receive your order and payment we will upload the artwork that you provide and activate your banner.  (we will only set the timer on your banner after it is activated, once you are happy with the way it looks, not when you place the order or make payment)



Get a quote for a Banner Ad:


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