Advertising on Funeral Guide


Funeral Guide has two advertising options available, a ‘Directory Listing’ and a ‘Banner’.  Banners are only available to those who have a directory listing.  Click here if you are ready to get listed


1. About Directory Listings

A directory listing costs R800.  Every new listing arrives at the top of its category.  Listings do not expire after a year, they remain in the directory and can be renewed at a later date to push them back up to the top again.  This is not a general directory, it is a funeral business directory, so listings tend to hold their positions well.


Directory listings include the following features:


    • Your own page in Funeral Guide’s directory with full contact details including e-mail, website link and unlimited space to describe your products/services


    • A featured image which can be your business logo, product or a friendly face that people can build a connection with.  This picture will display next to all the others in your category when people do a search, so select a picture that will make your business stand out.


    • Your business location displayed on a Google Map and GPS Coordinates.


    • 4 additional pictures of your products/services/shop front, whatever you choose.


    • Your listing has social media share buttons, so your page can be ‘liked/shared’ on Facebook or Twitter, enabling your customers to easily refer your services within their networks.


    • You can update your listing at any time, change telephone numbers, (e.g. putting alternative numbers in during holiday times), updating contact names, pictures, etc.  It’s all yours to change as you please, when you please.


    • Directory listings also exist outside of Funeral Guide’s directory.  Your page on Funeral Guide is individually listed in Google and other search engines and can be found based on the wording you use within your page.  SEO Tip:  The more descriptive words you use and the more closely your description matches what people are searching for the more successful your listing will be outside of Funeral Guide’s directory search.  For example, if you are in Durban and selling eggs it is better to put the words ‘best eggs in Durban’ in your listing than the words “we sell eggs”, because people are more likely to search the phrase “best eggs in Durban” than “we sell eggs”.  So without sounding ridiculous, try to word your listing cleverly to include the most likely search phrases in your text.  And more text is better than less text.



2. About Banner Ad’s


Banners are excellent value for money from R100 per month, depending on which option you choose.  (Request a quote below)


  • Banners display in the right hand side panel of all Funeral Guide’s pages.


  • If someone clicks on your banner they will arrive on your website.  If you do not have a website we can link it to your listing on Funeral Guide or your Facebook page, whatever best represents your business.


  • Banner Artwork to be supplied by you.  SIZE – maximum width = 214 pixels.  Height = 177 pixels


  • Banner Artwork must clearly depict the business is is representing in order to differentiate it from Funeral Guide’s offering.  Generic, unnamed calls to action that look as if they may be endorsed by Funeral Guide will not be accepted.  (we will give a full refund if your ad is not accepted).


  • Banners must represent the business/product mentioned in the quote request.  Banners that represent products not mentioned in the ‘quote request’ will not be accepted.  Funeral Guide is socially responsible, concerned and selective about what is shown on our pages.  (If there is something that we do not accept, we will give a full refund.)


  • Often people see their banner on Funeral Guide and then realize it’s missing something important, no problem, your subscription only starts when you’re happy with the way it looks.  If you want to change your banner artwork at any time once your subscription is running, that is absolutely fine.  We’re more than happy to help you any time you need help with this.


  • At Funeral Guide we believe in fair exchange, if there is any disappointment or misunderstandings, we are happy to refund.


Here are a few examples of old banners ads for inspiration.  (the new size is wider than these)


Fluara eco friendly coffins and ash urnsAlways Remembered - cremation jewelleryMemorial TabletForget me not Tombstones4D Group SolutionsSonja Smith Funerals


This is an example of the new size banner ad (below):  Width = 214 pixels.  Height = 177 pixels

blue cranes banner


Get a quote for a Banner Ad:


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Comment/questions if you have any queries



Some ‘internet marketing’ tips to boost your listing:


1. The more information you add into your page, the more items your page will be found under in Google.  Try to use words in your text that are the kind of words and phrases that people will use in their google searches.  For example, if you sell tombstones, try to work the words, gravestone, headstone, tombstone and others into your text, because if you only use one of those words and an internet user searches another, your listing will not appear in their Google search.  If you are a funeral director, and you only use the words ‘funeral director’ in your page, you will miss out on all those who search for ‘funeral home’, ‘funeral parlour’ or ‘undertakers’.  Use words like ‘affordable funerals’ and ‘best funeral services’.


2. If you have a facebook page, like/comment on posts on Funeral Guide’s facebook page as your page.  Some might see your business name there and click on it to have a look.


3.  Comment on Funeral Guide’s blog (even older articles), these are live pages on the internet and internet users sometimes land on those in their searches rather than the front page of the blog.  These articles are still read years after their publish date.  Remember when creating a comment always to fill the ‘website’ space in with your web address (URL).   If you don’t have a website, copy and paste the URL/web address that appears in the browser window at the top of the page of your your listing on Funeral Guide.  This way your comment can lead customers to your contact details and service offering.  This is how businesses use social networking to expand their internet footprint, improving visibility in order to boost their Google rankings.


3. The more visible your business is, the more familiar you become.  Humans like to use products and services they are familiar and comfortable with, so let them get to know you. That’s what social networking is all about and Funeral Guide’s whole platform is there for you, so have fun and don’t be afraid to put a bit of personality into making your services shine.