If the Deceased is an Organ Donor


Organ Donation should not delay funeral plans, as organs need to be removed as soon as possible after brain death to ensure a successful transplantation.  Support systems are maintained until organs have been removed. Death of the organ donor is defined by the time of certification of brain death, not by withdrawal of support.  Brain death must be certified by two independent doctors before organs/tissue can be removed.  According to the National Health Act, 2003 organs/tissue cannot be removed unless the family gives permission.


Information for Organ Donors

Organ Donor foundation


The Organ Donor Foundation is a non-profit charity, which aims to address the critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa.  Currently there are over 3,500 people awaiting organ and cornea transplants.  Tragically less than 1,000 will this year receive a transplant and the “Gift of Life” due to this critical shortage.  Please support organ donation.  Let’s ensure that South Africa remains a centre of excellence for organ and tissue transplantation.  Transplants save lives.



For more information on organ donation, ‘the gift of life’ visit the Organ Donor Foundation website.  Alternatively call the Organ Donor Foundation Toll Free on 0800 22 66 11.