Frequently Asked Questions


Need comparative funeral policy quotes?

Funeral Guide has searched far and wide to find the comparative quotes on funeral policies from financial institutions well known for fast and easy payouts.  If you are looking for a funeral policy, get comparative funeral policy quotes from the most popular –  Hollard, Clientelle Life, Metropolitan and 1Life Funeral.


Need help with the administration of a deceased estate?

Funeral Guide provides information on the winding up of estates in the ‘What to do when someone dies‘ section and Estates FAQ.  There are estate attorney’s listed in Funeral Guide’s directory for legal advice.  Any other queries about estates are best handled by Masters Offices. They are highly knowledgeable in the field of estates as every estate goes through their offices.


Repatriation of the deceased to and from foreign countries:

Repatriation of human remains to foreign countries is handled by almost all funeral directors. If the deceased travels by plane it can be a costly exercise involving compulsory embalming of the body and various medical permissions in both countries. If you are bringing someone who has died abroad back to South Africa, see the following information supplied by the Department of Foreign Affairs .

Always obtain comparative quotes from funeral directors to compare funeral prices. Repatriation usually involves funeral directors on both sides, so there is nothing wrong with obtaining comparative quotes for these funeral services in both countries.

Find funeral directors all over South Africa in Funeral Guide’s directory. If the deceased was traveling at the time of their death, they may have travel insurance. If they were traveling abroad it is advisable to check with their bank/travel agent before proceeding.


Need to talk to someone, or find a support group to help cope with the loss of a loved one?

Find Lifeline and the Compassionate Friends on Funeral Guide’s Useful Links page. If you need a friend who will understand, call the Compassionate Friends on (011) 440-6322 Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. An after-hour number will be made available if you need someone to talk to after hours.


Want to promote your products/services/courses/events on Funeral Guide?

Apply to have a banner linking to your business in the right hand margin of Funeral Guide.  Follow this link to ‘list with us‘.  Banner adverts appear on every page of Funeral Guide.


Need help starting a funeral business?

Serving an apprenticeship in a funeral business is currently the best way we know of to learn the ropes, build up supplier contacts and get ready to open your own business. It is preferable to do your apprenticeship in an area away from where you intend to operate so that you don’t go into direct competition with the people who trained you.

If you have further questions about starting a funeral business, please contact the South African National Funeral Directors Association – (an association of funeral directors)

Tel: 011 825 4044




Using Funeral Guide’s Will Template outside of South Africa

If you are living outside of South Africa, once you have filled in Funeral Guide’s will template, please get your will checked by your local authorities after completing it. That is the only way to ensure that it is compliant and valid in your country.

Identity number / ID number?

In South Africa every citizen is issued with an identity card at the age of 16.  The number on this card contains the individuals birth date, codes for male/female, etc and is unique to each citizen. We use these numbers to prove our identity when transacting. Where we use an ‘identity number‘ in South Africa, other countries use ‘social security numbers’ or ‘national insurance numbers’, etc. We do not know the names of all the international equivalents and cannot verify this for you.  Please get your completed will checked by your own local authorities to ensure that you put the correct details into your will, and that your will is valid.  Making sure your will is valid is worth it!