What to do When Someone Dies

What to do When Someone Dies


The links below open up various pages that form a basic checklist for funeral arrangements and items that need be taken care of when someone dies.  The estate information below does not cover every eventuality – only the most basic straightforward cases.


  1. Transporting the body to a mortuary and obtaining a death notice
  2. Information for organ donors
  3. Planning a funeral
  4. Paying for a funeral
  5. Obituaries, Death notices and Eulogies
  6. Obtaining a Death Certificate
  7. Establish who the executor is
  8. Basic guide to administering an estate (duties of an executor)
  9. What the executor must do once appointed by the Master of the High Court
  10. Estates FAQ
  11. If the deceased has no will / Intestate
  12. Firearms in an estate
  13. Firearm license application procedure


For your convenience we have added a few links to the Master of the High Court website.

  1. The Master of the High Court’s contact details country-wide.
  2. The Master of the High Court’s website provides you with all the forms you may need in winding up an estate in a convenient printable version.
  3. How to report an estate to the Masters Offices.  This page provides instructions as to what forms you will need to fill in when you approach the Master, depending on the value of the estate in question.
  4. Reporting an Estate to the Master.  Deceased Estates section of the Masters Offices website.


Please note, Funeral Guide will not be held responsible for any errors and or omissions.  If your circumstances are complex or unusual or if you are in any doubt as to what action to take, you are advised to consult an attorney.