Obituaries, Death Notices and Eulogies


Obituary / Death Notice

An Obituary is a notice of a persons Death in the newspaper.  As part of the funeral arrangements, it is customary to put a death notice in the newspaper to inform your community as well as paying respect to the deceased.  Funeral Guide’s Poetry and Inspirational Quotes  will help you find words to express your feelings.  Seeing the beautiful heart felt words others will help inspire your creative writing spirit.


Funeral Notice

Funeral arrangements include placing a funeral notice in the local newspaper to announce the time and place where the funeral will be held.  This gives members of the community a chance to attend the funeral service and pay their respects.  Funeral parlours will often put the funeral notice in the paper for you.  They will usually ask you what wording you would like to use, if you wish to personalize the funeral notice.


A Eulogy

A Eulogy can be a written tribute to the deceased, or a speech delivered at a funeral or memorial service for the deceased.  Funeral Guide has a few resources to help you in writing and delivering a eulogy as well as various pages of poetry and inspirational quotes which are tremendously helpful to add that poetic touch to the funeral speeches.