Funeral Guide is about being prepared


Funeral Guide is a resource of FREE tools and information to help prepare for and deal with death.  We encourage everyone to talk about death and prepare for the event long before we expect it in order to make important decisions with a clear head.  Being prepared helps ease the burden on our families when the time comes.


Funeral Guide has two main goals:


1. To help prepare for one’s own transition

Having your affairs neatly in order and easy to find is possibly one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family and loved one’s. We suggest the following free tools to help you get started:

  • Filling in your own ‘my death wish list/after death guide‘ list will help prompt you of all the things you may want to add to your will.
  • For simple estates, one can use Funeral Guide’s free will template. Read the information on how to make a valid will and the wills FAQ to ensure that your will is valid.
  • If you do not wish to be suspended in a dying state by life support machines when there is no chance of recovery, read about the Living Will and fill in the free Living Will template provided on Funeral Guide. The ‘right to dignity’ in The South African constitution supports the Living Will.


2. To help deal with a loved one’s death



Funeral Guide is a South African initiative.  A lot of the content is universal and is enjoyed by people all over the world. However, please note that the legal information on Funeral Guide is only relevant to people domiciled in South Africa.



Why We Are Here

Even though death is a natural part of life, it doesn’t happen according to our well planned schedules. It somehow always seems to occur unexpectedly and too soon. Most people are repelled by the subject of death and because of this many people don’t put proper plans into place for themselves or family members. It is hard enough dealing with the death of a family member emotionally, one can become overwhelmed by the unforeseen duties that need to be carried out on behalf of the deceased. This is worse if the deceased didn’t put sufficient time into planning their estate, e.g. getting financial advice, drawing up a valid will, having a good funeral policy, etc.


Funeral Guide is attempting to improve the general awareness, and encourage families to talk about death and plan for it long in advance. It is far easier to talk about death when it is a distant possibility.  It is such a hard topic to discuss with someone who is terminal.  We know, we’ve been there, that’s why this website was made.  We urge people to talk about death and plan for it while everyone in the family is healthy and well.


What We Do

Funeral Guide provides unbiased free information to help with death.  Estate planning isn’t for rich people, it is vital if one has dependents and should be considered by all of us the moment we start to acquire assets. The free tools and information offered on Funeral Guide are intended to cover the most basic simple cases.  If one has a large amount of assets or complex circumstances we strongly recommend taking legal advice.  Be assured that the long term financial implications of good estate planning will make the small fees you pay to a professional absolutely worthwhile.




In the spirit of our rainbow nation and diverse religious beliefs, with the utmost respect, Funeral Guide welcomes people from all religions to use and share our free offering.  Lets all be better prepared.