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Getting your affairs in order might seem like a nuisance, but it will provide peace of mind, protect your family, and is one of the greatest final gifts you can give your loved ones. The hours you spend now will save them days, weeks, months and sometimes years of frustration, stress, and more often than not, legal and financial burdens. The below content can be useful as a basic guide to getting your affairs in order.

your wishes

Write your Last Will and Testament

Drawing up a Will isn’t difficult or expensive, but not doing so, can cause unnecessary friction and stress for your family and loved ones during a very difficult time. Having a Will helps you legally declare, among other things, your wishes regarding the distribution of your property (estate) and the care of your minor children.

If you die without a Will (intestate), those wishes may not be carried out and you are essentially leaving the government in control of the process. Further, your heirs may end up spending additional time, money, and emotional energy to settle your affairs after you’ve gone.

Write your Living Will

A Living Will is a declaration of your non-consent to artificial life support, and there to guide your family and doctor in the event of you being unable to communicate your wishes when dying. A Living Will can be made by anyone over the age of 18 years who is of sound mind.

Record all

Create your Death File

A death file is a central place to keep “how, what and where” documents that ensure your wishes are honored at the end of your life and your loved ones have access to all the documents, passwords and information they need to take care of your affairs when you die.

Create your personal balance sheet

A balance sheet, listing assets and liabilities, will be extremely beneficial for the executor when creating a probate inventory, and will greatly speed up the process of winding up your estate.

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, all come from earth, and to earth all return.

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
all come from earth,
and to earth all return.