Family and

Once you feel ready, share the news with family and friends. Don’t try to go through this difficult time all alone. Family and friends can offer great support and remind you of certain things.

the news

Feel free to notify different people by using different methods, for example a group text or mass email, a personal phone call or face to face. It might be a good idea to invite any person who has a relationship with you or had a connection to your loved one, and who you know would like to join you in honoring your loved one’s life, and sharing memories. Consider going through your loved one’s emails and phone contacts for contacts that might slip your mind.

Please read through the list below to help you not forget any close contacts whom you might like to notify as soon as possible. This is not an exhausted list and you may have other individuals you wish to invite.


Brothers and sisters
Parents in law
Grandparents in law
Brothers and sisters in law
Aunts and uncles
Nieces and nephews


Childhood friends
School friends
Collage friends
Friends from church
Friends from hobbies (book club, gym, sport, etc)
Close colleagues


Children’s teachers
Religious groups
Business partners

For a list of contacts to think about when processing a deceased’s estate please click here.

Protect your loved ones &

Get your own
affairs in order
Before it is too late!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, all come from earth, and to earth all return.

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
all come from earth,
and to earth all return.